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Basic Classification of Spiral Roller Cold Rolling Mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Spiral blade cold rolling mill is a new type of equipment, has a strong technical innovation.It is widely used in developed countries, has a strong practicality in the industry to use it, can produce a variety of specifications of the model Spiral blade. Its spiral blade is divided into several types, isometric and unequal thickness. Also from the material, it can be divided into ordinary high carbon steel, stainless steel and special material steel. It can be used to produce Thick spiral blades, equipment and the principle of repression has a great relevance of our company's spiral blade cold rolling mill is divided into mechanical and hydraulic type. They are using a mechanical structure, can produce different specifications. We can adjust the roll of the rotation and angle. Stainless steel booth manufacturers to tell you the operation of the device is really very simple, very easy to adjust when it is good performance, powerful, basic Has been replaced by manual operation.It can save customers cost and increase profits.