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Cause of downtime in cold rolling mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Many customers reflected in the use of cold rolling mill found a sudden shutdown of the phenomenon, the reason for this situation in the end what it is, today Xiaobian will be summarized for everyone to summarize the first because of the size of the workpiece, may be due to the production Of the workpiece size is too large, the weight is also relatively heavy, resulting in the operation of the machine when the overload situation, the ability to run up greatly reduced a lot.Second is the roll seam set the problem may be because the gap is too large, Resulting in the imbalance of rolling force, resulting in the occurrence of machine downtime, we should first check, timely adjustment. There is one of the most important reason is because the thermocouple speed caused by too fast, we should be based on the situation of the workpiece Adjust to the appropriate speed above, not for the work efficiency to improve the operation, otherwise the reason is very big.We use the above procedures can be done to avoid the problem of downtime, the work efficiency can also be improved a lot.