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Common faults of cold rolling mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Cold rolling mill in the steel industry, metallurgical industry and other areas of development are very good, because the use of the time is relatively long, we may use some of the time there are some failures, let the cold rolling mill manufacturers to introduce The first is the roll off, the main reason is the use of high temperature caused by the time, we only need to adjust the temperature can make the machine better up. The second fault is the roll fracture , Caused by the cause of this accident caused by a long time, it is recommended that you work more than six hours after the need to stop the machine for some time to avoid the occurrence of long-term rotation caused by mechanical fatigue occurred.The third fault is the problem of sticky roll, The problem is because the material viscosity is too much impact, we can check the insulation board equipment, material, to ensure that the dry material can make the machine better run down.As long as we understand these failures will be easier to deal with The