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Four - roll precision cold rolling mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

In the processing of the production of high-precision strip, or some of the better parts, we must use four-roll precision cold rolling unit to complete this work, then its characteristics are mainly reflected in what aspects, we together First, it uses the way the support roller rotates, so its diameter is very small, the components of the rack is also very convenient, because the use of the material is very good, so at work time , Can better improve its efficiency. Second, at work, with overload protection, in such circumstances will be more safe to use, you can avoid some unusual phenomenon, can be better achieved The purpose of emergency parking. Third, the production method used above is more advanced technology, so the effect will be better, swelling sets of manufacturers to remind you that its hydraulic wheel is the use of computer-controlled way, so that can be more Good to determine its accuracy, and can be recorded in detail.