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How to use cold rolling mill correctly
- Feb 18, 2017 -

In the actual production of cold rolling mill, we need to learn some of the correct use of the method, so as to be able to ensure the smooth progress of work, in order to allow you to correctly use, let Xiaobian let us introduce the correct use Cold rolling mill method. Before use we need to check the situation of each part and parts, after confirmation can be manipulated, to avoid the debris into the machine inside the normal operation of the machine. Note the temperature of the case, if the temperature becomes larger, indicating that the internal voltage of the machine is relatively large, we should stop to check to avoid the high temperature damage to the human body also need to pay attention to the situation, if this pressure It is likely that the roll of the lift will be in use because of excessive pressure to break the situation occurs.We use the time must be aware of these problems, the correct use can be better operation.