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Six roll cold rolling mill is what
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Today we tell you about our new product, six roll cold rolling mill. In fact, it is also a very simple mechanical equipment, is a cold rolling mill, but its role in industrial production is great Oh. , In order to ensure the quality of the work of the best use of sub-cooling, so the temperature can be more uniform.It is in the process of running, you need to set the opening and closing of the fence, with protective performance characteristics of our operation, The use of hand contact roll. Some customers in the use of six-roll cold rolling mill, it will change its size. Here we recommend that we in order to ensure and quality, do not arbitrarily change its size because the random changes will affect the host speed , There is the strength of the work of the cooling tower manufacturers to remind you that is to change the words, it should also allow professional staff in accordance with the needs of industrial operations to carry out scientific changes, but in the operation, it can not be too large. When used, should also pay attention to maintenance.