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The flow rate of the cold rolling mill is reduced
- Feb 18, 2017 -

If the use of cold rolling mill in the process, found that the phenomenon of reduced flow, we will follow the following aspects to solve the problem, then mainly reflected in what aspects, then to learn about it. First, We should pay attention to its filter situation, if it is the phenomenon of plugging the filter, if we dredge, if not clear in time, then the flow inside is bound to reduce the long-term use, it will filter it All of them are blocked, this will affect the normal use of the second, we have to adjust the end of its pump head to deal with the relevant work, to prevent its power supply voltage is too high, of course, the reasons for the motor But also lead to related problems, which is one of the main factors leading to the reduction of traffic.Third, in the long-term use, if its motor appears in the opposite direction of the work, we need to re-open, wood sound board business opportunities Think that this is also an important reason.