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The role of the balancing device in the mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

In fact, no matter what type of cold rolling mill, in the design of its flattening device is very important.This part is really important, affecting the mechanical performance and function in the design of the time, in this part of the negligence, then It is very important to ensure that the roller bearing seat is close to the pressure of the screw, to ensure tightness. This device can be avoided by the installation of a balanced device, It also eliminates the need to press the gap between the screw and the nut. This device can largely avoid the occurrence of the fault.It's harmful cracks, can rely on a balanced device to complete the packaging machine manufacturers Tell you in the performance and function, its role is that we all know in. Before running, it should be a good check of its balance there are protection devices.In order to avoid the occurrence of failure, do check work is very important Oh. Balance device, with a great effect.