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What is the cause of the leakage in the cold rolling mill?
- Feb 18, 2017 -

In the actual production process cold rolling mill is the case of the more common, the cause of this situation in the end what is it, today Xiaobian will be for everyone to accept the first thing is because the machine caused by vibration, when The machine in the running when the vibration, then it will lead to rolling directly through the mill, to avoid the contact with the roll, and ultimately lead to leakage problems.It is recommended that you check the installation of the machine may be due to loose screws caused by loose We should also check the situation of the roll, may be due to improper regulation caused by, we should carry out analysis and inspection, so that the problem can be given to the problem, so that the problem can be better Good solution, so that the work efficiency of the machine can be improved to reduce the problem of leakage.When the washing machine equipment failure, we first do not worry, you should first check the cause of the fault, find the cause after the solution will become very easy.

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