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What is the maintenance method of cold rolling mill?
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Now there are many occasions in the market are using cold rolling mill, although often used, but many people for his maintenance methods are not clear.If the long operation is not only maintenance, it is easy to cause the occurrence of wear and tear , We let Xiaobian teach you cold rolling mill is how to carry out maintenance.First of all we need to check the machine's electrical system, to know if the electrical system problems, not only the damage to the machine is relatively large, but also to give People need to pay attention to the internal parts of the wear and tear, as well as the connection of the line, the problems of the lines and parts should be replaced in a timely manner.Light particle analyzer to add oil is also very important , Can reduce the occurrence of wear, and the operation of the machine can be more flexible, the addition of lubricating oil is a step, you need to add in the rotating parts above, only the exact addition can be the effect of lubricating oil to play out.