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Hot Rolling Mill Reduce Deviation Of Product Size
- Jun 12, 2017 -

When the hot rolling mill is running, the starting speed must be controlled, because it has an important effect on the efficiency of the whole mill. Do not want to see is the hot rolling machine in the accurate operation of the start speed is slower, not only affect the work efficiency, but also lead to the billet or rolling and roll between the force can not achieve a good state.

And hot rolling mill start-up speed is slow, indicating that it has obvious deficiencies in performance, if the machine when the speed of the boot is not effectively improved, then the billet or rolled pieces of production efficiency will be less and lower. If unable to start quickly overload, it will produce a larger billet rolling speed too slow.

In order to reduce the appearance of similar phenomenon, hot rolling machine before running, should first of its motor power, rolling speed, product specifications, Hole-type technology, such as inspection, to ensure that the volume of reprint will not exceed the capacity of the equipment, otherwise it will cause the start-up speed of the device slow.

Second, also to the hot rolling mill bearings to check, to see if the lubrication is good, if not enough lubrication, hot-rolled machine aerodynamic speed will also become slow, triggering a series of adverse consequences. If these two aspects have no problem, the hot rolling machine basically can start normally.

In addition to the slow start of the hot-rolling machine, the output of the finished product can sometimes be biased, resulting in a lot of reasons, even if the same set of hot rolling mill product size will be uneven. But it also shows that either the roll gap is unreasonable or the hole-type process is incorrect.

In order to reduce the deviation of the product size of hot rolling mill, it is necessary to strictly obey the rolling process of the product, especially to the standard of on-line adjustment of bar material, and within the internal control standard of negative deviation rolling.