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Cold Rolling Mill With A Stronger Cooling Capacity, Precision And Plate Requirements
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Cold rolling mill is the most important critical equipment for the production of stainless steel cold rolled strip, not only directly affect the surface quality, dimensional accuracy, plate type and mechanical properties, but also affect the production efficiency and cost.

1. The deformation characteristics of stainless steel

The first feature of stainless steel is deformation resistance, generally twice as high as ordinary carbon steel; due to cold processing process, will produce deformation of martensite, so the processing hardening rate, the need for greater rolling capacity and load. Stainless steel thermal conductivity is poor, therefore, the need for rolling mill has a stronger cooling capacity, precision and plate requirements, high surface quality requirements.

Stainless steel cold rolling mill must be high efficiency, high precision, it is the most prominent cold rolling mill requirements:

(1) can produce wide and thin strip products, and require less rolling times, rolling time is short;

(2) the total reduction rate, in particular, the first reduction rate to be large, as far as possible to achieve a rolling, without intermediate annealing;

(3) to ensure product size accuracy, good plate and surface quality.

Second, the basic requirements of cold rolling mill

The specific requirements of the cold rolling mill, roughly summarized as follows:

(1) the work roll should be as small as possible;

(2) mill rigidity, including horizontal and vertical stiffness;

(3) roller work stability is good;

(4) reversible rolling on both sides of symmetry;

(5) large tension, and have good tension and speed control;

(6) good process lubrication and cooling system;

(7) good roll gap adjustment and reaction speed;

(8) good on-line convexity adjustment and reaction speed;

(9) fully functional AGC, AFC control system;

(10) drive system control function perfect, stable, energy saving;

(11) simple structure, easy to maintain.

    According to these requirements, stainless steel cold rolling mill are used multi-roll mill. In the 20th century, 60 years ago, most of the four-roll reversing mill, but because of its work roll, support roll is large, the rack is also very large, poor stiffness, difficult to achieve high efficiency, high precision rolling, so now is not And then some of the four-roll mill has been built for the Z-type rolling mill (six or eight rolls), is still in use a small number of four-roll reversing mill, generally used for narrow strip production or multi-roll mill For the middle blank.