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Basic Knowledge Of Cold Rolling Mill Operation
- Feb 18, 2017 -

In order to ensure personal safety and equipment safety, today our staff in this come for you specifically about the operation of cold rolling mill equipment with the basic requirements of what.First, before use, we must first 10 minutes of equipment for the operation of the hole Operation, and then we must observe whether the cold rolling mill is running, and also timely feedback information.Second, the equipment before the people have to conduct a comprehensive inspection work to avoid damage to parts or screws loose signs, If so, then you have to ask the maintenance staff to deal with Caixing.In addition, when the power is turned on when we first open the electrical box, and then close the main power supply, and if the machine has any fault problems, we must first stop And cut off the power supply, and then to carry out maintenance work .In addition vibration platform manufacturers in this also and we say that everyone in the use of it also need to pay attention to whether the device has abnormal sound, if so then everyone But also to find out the reasons in time to avoid will affect the normal use.