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Cold Rolling Mill Automation And Intelligent, Efficient
- Aug 11, 2017 -

In the face of the widespread use of cold rolling mills in today's market and the good market prospects can see the equipment is so popular, so for the current needs of cold rolling mill should be scientific and technological upgrading for the development of the premise to high Technology and armed to better ride the market, better grasp the current market, the most popular automation and intelligent, efficient and diversified to be able to truly grasp the importance of development.

1, advanced technology, set a variety of functions in one: I produced the cold rolling mill equipment by the mechanical descaling institutions, adjustable institutions, cold rolling institutions, transmission, motor, reducer, gear box, operating control cabinet, etc. composition. Here, in particular, to emphasize that it is mechanical descaling agencies, because the aircraft is equipped with the body, can be processed to deal with the processing of the base metal, this little technological breakthrough, making customers save a purchase of steel Descaling machine costs.

2, the machine more energy efficient and safe and has also been significantly improved. For example, the machine is engaged in the process of cold-rolling operations, users do not often add the aircraft to the lubricating powder, coolant, this alone on the savings for customers a sum of money, but also does not pollute the environment; System of different diameter of the steel, simply adjust the device that is another machine also has a security device, which greatly reduces the chance of life accidents.

Metallurgical equipment production of cold rolling mill product features also have:

1, cold rolling mill in the process of doing cold rolling does not discharge emissions and harmful liquids, no dust, low noise;

2, can complete the different needs of the cold-rolled operations, such as to complete the closing operation, according to user requirements processing ruler straight.

Pre-boot preparation

Let the equipment run for about 10 minutes, during which the operation of the equipment is normal, but also in accordance with the provisions of filling lubricants, rolling oil, etc., the appropriate lubrication equipment.

2. Precautions before discharge

(1) the press hopper should rise to the specified position, the reel should be shrunk in place, and the hydraulic car should be prepared in advance for the auxiliary discharge.

(2) aluminum plug into the jaws to a one-time success, otherwise it is difficult to insert.

3. Some precautions

(1) the time of each machine can not move more than one second, should be adjusted to suppress the turbine, both sides of the adjustment to be equal, so as not to rolling side of the bend.

(2) cold rolling mill to operate, should be responsible for the guard, not no one, to prevent problems.

(3) In general, a single cold rolling mill rolling thickness should not exceed 40% of aluminum.

(4) production lines can not have any debris.

(5) should be based on incoming material and rolling mill capacity, the pass and the amount of appropriate adjustments.

(6) the use of cold rolling mill, should meet the main technical parameters, can not run overload.

(7) Roll can not have serious wear and tear, if any should be replaced.

(8) During the rolling process, if the roll wear has affected the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, the roller should be changed immediately. After changing the roll, you should empty the car to run for 2 to 3 minutes.

(9) If there is tearing, skewing and other phenomena, you can not hand pull, should first stop, and then remove.

(10) rolling finished products or semi-finished products, should fill out the relevant records, and to be neatly stacked in batches.