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Cold Rolling Mill Bearing Maintenance Method
- Feb 18, 2017 -

The bearing is a very important part of the cold rolling mill and is an important component, and it is also a very easy to wear device during the course of its work. The bearing is very good and the quality, which determines the operating life. Directly affect the operation efficiency of the equipment, as well as the cost of operation.We should understand the characteristics of the bearing, in the course of the work, do a good job maintenance work. Bearing maintenance can improve life and improve the efficiency of machinery and equipment in the use of In the process, there are several reasons leading to its failure, we specific operation, we should pay attention to avoid such a problem. First, improper installation, premature failure, mainly because of this reason. In the installation process, not The use of brutal installation, improper installation method will cause the life is too short. Second, improper lubrication, the bearing is a very important component, is the transmission, running lubrication maintenance is also an important work. FRP cable manufacturers to tell you in the use of the process , If the regular overload will also affect the service life.