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Hot Rolling Mill Improve The Surface Roughness Of The Material
- Jul 21, 2017 -

The rolling mill is the equipment to achieve the metal rolling process. Mainly cold rolling and hot rolling in two ways, cold rolling and hot rolling is relative. The process of hot rolling mainly refers to the process of rolling at or above the recrystallization temperature. Hot rolling mill hot rolling advantages and disadvantages are coexistence, the following mainly about the advantages and disadvantages of hot rolling mill.

First, the advantages of hot rolling mill

1. Hot rolling can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce costs. Hot-rolled metal plastic high, deformation resistance is low, greatly reducing the metal deformation of hot-rolled steel

energy consumption.

2. Hot rolling can improve the processing performance of metal and alloy, that is, the casting of coarse grain crushing, significant crack healing, reduce or eliminate casting defects, the as-cast structure into a deformed structure, improve the processing performance of the alloy.

3. Hot rolling is usually made of large ingots, large reduction rolling, not only improve the production efficiency, but also to improve the rolling speed, rolling process to achieve the continuity and automation to create the conditions.

As a professional large-scale steel manufacturer, you can certainly produce all kinds of hot-rolled and cold-rolled strip, thick plate, seamless steel pipe, rail steel, steel beam, bar and wire and other products. And a variety of products are corresponding to the different production lines, here to pay attention to the hot rolling mill, it is what attractive it?

The hot rolling mill is a leveling device specially prepared for hot-rolled materials that can further improve the surface flatness of the material, not only for the subsequent processing to provide adequate preparation, but also to enhance its quality, so that it can The market compared to similar products more competitive.

In general, the characteristics of the hot rolling mill are concentrated in the components and process technology, it is equipped with advanced membrane material handling system, greatly facilitate the supply of materials, effectively improve the operational efficiency. This includes a number of units such as stepping conveyors, coil trolleys, coil preparation stations, uncoiler and five-roll straightening machines.

In the hot rolling mill, there are also very durable work rolls and quick work roll replacement equipment. In addition, there are rolling lines to adjust the wedge plate, support roll replacement and roll cleaning system to ensure that the hot rolling mill In the operation of the time more efficient and stable. ,

The exit area of the hot rolling mill is equipped with a hydraulic shearing machine, a strip inspection device, a coiler, a coiled trolley and two walking beams, etc., and through a web weighing station, a circumferential and radial strapping machine , Coil marking machine and other equipment after the treatment, you can sell.

The whole process of the whole hot rolling mill is controlled by the electrical control and automation system, greatly improving the efficiency does not say, the accuracy of leveling has become increasingly high.