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Cold Rolling Mill Increased Strength And Tensile Properties
- Oct 24, 2017 -

In the rolling process of cold rolling mill, the steel belt break belt is extremely serious accident, especially at high speed operation, the broken belt will bring great damage to mechanical equipment and electrical equipment. Therefore, it is very important to carry out the fault-belt detection and quick-break protection in time.

Cold rolling Mill is the general designation of rolling equipment, so its kind should be very much, this includes both rolled sheet metal plate cold rolling mill, also includes a flat steel cold rolling mill made of flat rolled steel plate, and two cold rolling mill with rolled threaded steel bar, and spiral vane cold rolling mill with helical blades.

No matter what kind of cold rolling machine they all have a common point, that is, it is necessary to the recrystallization temperature will be a certain thickness of the plate or wire rolling. Of course, specific cold rolling opportunities have their own characteristics, must be fully understood in order to flexibly use.

In fact, two cold rolling mill is specialized in the production of two thread steel production line, from the vertical mill, strong rolling mill and straightening cutting machine, such as equipment, the main purpose is to pass the hot-rolled disc round after rolling into two ribbed rebar. In this process, not only can change the steel bar performance, enhances the strength and the tensile performance, but also can make the steel bar which the rolled out reach two grade steel standard.

If this material is again through high-frequency heating, can even reach the three grade steel standard, two cold rolling mill assembly form for two rollers, that is, it will usually be equipped with two flat rolls, and these two rolls are mainly active rolling.

The other is flat steel cold rolling mill, usually several two-roll mills together can be, can be rolled into different specifications of flat steel, steel. It is understood that the roll of flat steel cold rolling mill does not require opening, for smooth roll surface, through the control of the amount of pressure to achieve the size of the finished product.

Also introduced is the spiral vane cold rolling mill, it is different from the ordinary cold rolling machine form, because its roll working face is cone-shaped, two root rolls into a certain angle, may the different size of the strip processing into the spiral vane. Spiral vane cold rolling mill produced by the spiral vane size specification, neat outside, and production efficiency is the traditional several times.

Cold rolling mill quality can not withstand long-term use, its various components will show a gradual decline in performance, gradually aging problems, so they are also a certain period of use, due or damaged serious words must be replaced in a timely manner.

In the cold rolling mill roll, after a long period of rolling, the surface of the roll will inevitably appear cracks, roller wear serious conditions, thereby reducing the cold rolling mill product quality standards. In order to ensure that customers to the high requirements of the product, the cold rolling mill has to replace the roll.

In the replacement of cold rolling mill rolls, first to check clearly check whether the bearing failure and the bearing inside the sleeve has been loose, in the case of movement, the bearing gap should be reduced to no, adjust to the appropriate position, and in the bearing to raise enough sodium base grease.

Cold rolling machine to replace the roll, the two sets of rollers should be separated from a certain distance, and each group should be a certain gap between the roll group can be installed to prevent the interaction. And each time before the roll is replaced, should be in the base, guide rail and gear, rack on the thin oil, easy to disassemble at the same time or to the parts of a maintenance method.