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Cold Rolling Mill Keep The Roll Gap Straight, To Achieve The Purpose
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Cold rolling mill, which can be considered a mechanical equipment, especially in the mechanical processing, it can see its shadow. Moreover, it is for us that it is also necessary to understand the object because it is a website product and a keyword. So, based on these two factors, the following will be the work of the product learning, so that we can have a comprehensive understanding, rather than stay on the surface.

1. cold rolling mill, which must have parts, what?

Cold rolling mill This machine equipment, because of its wide range of applications, so in some areas or industries, can often see. Its composition, there are some necessary and important parts, specifically, for the support roller, work roll, press the hydraulic cylinder and bending roller hydraulic cylinder of the four, and are also essential.

2. Are cold rolling operators operating on all cold rolling mills?

Cold rolling operator, as the name implies, refers to the workers who operate the cold rolling mill. However, this type of work is based on cold-rolled strip and reversible cold rolling mill, and in other cold rolling mill, it does not have to, if not necessary, it is not configured. So, on this question, the answer is yes. Moreover, this statement is too absolute.

3. Cold rolling mill in the cold rolling process, the rolling force is to remain unchanged, but there are changes?

On the cold rolling mill, it can be said that these problems are very important, and there is a certain practical, so we can not be taken lightly, should be taken seriously, and timely grasp of the knowledge involved in the content, In order to have some harvest and progress, and then, to supplement their own expertise in this area.

 1. What should I pay attention to for roll sheets in cold rolling mills?

Cold rolling mill in the roll, the corresponding note, the Wuxi cold rolling mill manufacturers Ruian metallurgical, it is not difficult to answer out, so the following, will be the manufacturer, to carry out specific elaboration.

Cold rolling mill roll note, which is mainly:

(1) In the roll sheet replacement, should check the cold rolling mill bearing, whether there is damage, failure and other issues, and whether the bearing sleeve is loose, bearing clearance is appropriate and so on. For bearings, but also look at whether it is in the correct position.

(2) each time, in the replacement of the roll at the same time, to clean the rack, as well as the roller group into the hole to check whether there are iron and other debris, and some words to be cleaned in time.

2. What is the basis for the replacement of the cold rolling mill? Cold rolling machine channeling, is this problem common?

For these two issues, Wuxi cold mill manufacturers Ruihua metallurgy gives the answer is:

Whether the cold rolling mill roll to be replaced, mainly to see whether the dimensions of rolling materials meet the requirements and standards, whether within the normal range. If this is not satisfied, then the need for roller operation.

For cold rolling mill roll, cold rolling mill manufacturers Ruihua Metallurgy that this is a common problem in cold rolling mill, no matter what kind of cold rolling mill. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention, and to effectively solve. In the solution, the general measures taken are to reduce the unwinding of the roll to the width of the roll, as well as to keep the roll gap straight and reach the intended purpose.