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Cold Rolling Mill Production Efficiency Has Also Been Significantly Improved
- Jul 12, 2017 -

With the Cold Rolling Mill industry requirements continue to change, the corresponding Cold Rolling Mill production line from a technical point of view to adjust to meet the rapid development of industry demand and meet the production requirements of cold rolled products. In addition, reasonable and high-end configuration has become one of the determinants of the efficiency of Cold Rolling Mill production lines.

If the material is to be cold-rolled, especially after hot-rolled steel coils, it must be treated three times in succession and the oxide film can be removed by hydrochloric acid before it can be sent to the Cold Rolling Mill. And in the Cold Rolling Mill production line, the use of open-book machine to open the coil, and then into the rolling mill into a thin coil.

Can be found, from the rolling mill out of the coil can be different specifications, different quality, are entirely based on different requirements of the user to carry out the processing. In addition to the plate, the Cold Rolling Mill production line can also produce long products, such as steel, rail, bar, round steel and wire, etc., only need to replace the Cold Rolling Mill roll on it.

In order to further improve the production of Cold Rolling Mill production stability, reduce the failure rate, to ensure that the finished product qualified, the key point is to be reasonable for the production line, high-end configuration.

In order to achieve this, the Cold Rolling Mill production line in the use of the reducer is hardened gear reducer, the reducer gear is the use of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing quenching processing, not only tooth surface hardness High gears and high precision.

With regard to the center distance of the reducer gear, the center is high, the transmission ratio and other parameters are using the priority coefficient, after the computer optimization design, with high transmission efficiency, low noise.

The Cold Rolling Mill production line in the roll of rough roll and finishing roll of the former, the former alloy material, which is made of tungsten carbide alloy, greatly improving the service life of the roll itself. Compared with other products, production efficiency has also been significantly improved.

Cold Rolling Mill production line in the indispensable device or flying shear, to import the servo motor as a driving force, dual-CPU motion controller to control the device to improve the equipment operation and work accuracy. In addition, have to consider the Cold Rolling Mill production line in the main mill drive and heating devices, are also configured reasonable, high-end.

 Cold Rolling Mill, the relevant issues, we all have a comprehensive understanding and understanding? The main purpose of this question is to lead to the content of the article, and then let everyone targeted to study, so that can also effectively improve the learning efficiency. So, the form used below is for a question and answer to this form.

1. What are the important and critical ones in the Cold Rolling Mill?

Cold Rolling Mill in the body, which is more important and the key is for both the working mechanism and the transmission mechanism. In addition, there are gears, reducers, gearboxes, gearboxes, gearboxes, gearboxes, gearboxes, gearboxes, Roll, coupling shaft, and coupling.

2. Cold Rolling Mill, which factors, it will affect its price? In addition, its imbalance, specifically refers to what?

The price of Cold Rolling Mill, its related factors, mainly rolling materials, Cold Rolling Mill roll, and its degree of automation, etc., are very important, so, can not be missed. And this machine equipment imbalance, it refers to the working part of the imbalance and power imbalance of the two.

3. What is cold rolled coil? And what is Cold Rolling Mill?

 The cold rolled coil, in particular, is a hot rolled coil as a raw material and is rolled at room temperature below the recrystallization temperature to obtain a product so that it is comprised of a plate and a roll. And Cold Rolling Mill of the secondary cold rolling, which means that after a cold rolling, and then annealing and rolling. The corresponding process is for the secondary cold rolling process.

These problems are related to the Cold Rolling Mill, but also related to the basic knowledge and content of the product, so the learning requirements, we should take seriously and timely grasp, so as to have a good learning effect, so that their own Learn to become, and thus, can also be used to achieve the flexible use of knowledge, so that it should play a role.