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Cold Rolling Mill Reasonable Configuration, High-end
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Cold rolling mill quality can no longer withstand the long-term use of its various parts will show the performance of the gradual decline in the gradual aging of the problem, so that they are also a certain period of use, expired or damaged serious Timely replacement can be.

 In the case of a cold rolling mill, after a long period of rolling, the surface of the roll is inevitably cracked and the roll wear is serious, thereby reducing the quality standard of the cold rolling mill product. In order to ensure that the customer's high demand for the product, had to cold rolling mill roll replacement.

In the replacement of the cold rolling mill roll, the first check clearly check whether the failure of the bearing and the bearing sleeve is loose, in the case of a move, the bearing clearance should be reduced to no, transferred to the appropriate location, and in the The bearing is filled with enough sodium base grease.

When the cold rolling mill is replaced, the two sets of rolls are separated by a certain distance, and there should be a certain gap between each group of rollers before they can be taken into the roller group to prevent their mutual influence. And each time you replace the roll sheet, should be in the base, rails and gears, racks coated with thin oil, easy to disassemble at the same time or a maintenance of parts.

So of course, do not forget to replace the cold rolling mill roll, the way the cleaning rack and roll group out of the hole in the iron and other debris, to prevent the operation of these debris on the rolling process caused any adverse effects. In addition to the size of the left roll, and are generally based on the production of cold-rolled ribbed steel bar to the size of the standard, and then decided to change the size of the roll.

To determine the good roll specifications, requiring the use of high-quality roll products, so as to by virtue of its good performance and quality to give full play to its role in the cold rolling mill can better out of excellent products.

If the material is to be cold-rolled, especially hot-rolled steel coils, it must be treated three times in succession and the oxide film removed from hydrochloric acid before being sent to the cold rolling mill. And in the cold rolling mill production line, the use of uncoiler to open the coil, and then into the rolling mill into a thin coil. Can be found from the rolling mill out of the coil can be different specifications, different quality, and are entirely based on the different requirements of the user to carry out the processing. In addition to the plate, the cold rolling mill production line can also produce long products, such as steel, rail, bar, round steel and wire, etc., only need to replace the cold rolling mill roll on it.

In order to further improve the production of cold rolling mill production stability, reduce the failure rate, to ensure that the finished product qualified, the key point is to be reasonable for the production line, high-end configuration.

In order to achieve this, the cold mill production line in the use of the reducer is hardened gear reducer, the reducer gear is the use of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing quenching processing, not only tooth surface hardness High gears and high precision.

On the gear wheel center distance, center high, transmission ratio and other parameters are the use of priority coefficient, after computer optimization design, with high transmission efficiency, low noise and other advantages.

The cold rolling mill production line in the roll with rough roll and finishing roll of the former, the former alloy material, which is made of tungsten carbide alloy, greatly improving the service life of the roll itself. Compared with other products, production efficiency has also been significantly improved.

Cold rolling mill production line is essential equipment or flying shear, to import servo motor as a driving force, dual-CPU motion controller to control the device to improve the equipment operation and work accuracy. In addition, have to consider the cold rolling mill production line in the main mill drive and heating devices, are also configured reasonable, high-end.