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Cold Rolling Mill Use Performance And Use
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Cold rolling mill application areas, for this problem, let us simply give you a brief introduction to the cold rolling mill of the relevant knowledge of it, in fact, such cable tray equipment, the application of finished products is very wide, specific performance where It is more suitable for some computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cable and other highly sensitive system, the control cable shielding interference and heavy corrosive environment, there are a number of bridge cables, The utility model has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure and convenient installation, and is suitable for installation and control cable laying of power cable.The utility model relates to a stepped cable tray suitable for laying large Straight and light cable, especially for the laying of high and low power cables. Cable trays should be vulnerable to external mechanical damage and open areas of the use of protective cover.When the branch cable or ladder branch, you can use a variety of curved connections. We directly according to different surface treatment to be analyzed, then it can be called a bridge galvanized, galvanized deck, electric galvanized bridge, static Process spray bridge, the bridge fire retardant paint, rust paint the bridge, fire bridge and so on.

For the new type of steel cold rolling equipment, cold rolling mill in the daily maintenance of the following matters need to pay attention to the first thing to check the electrical system is not in the normal situation, and then pay attention to check the equipment tank oil is not enough, and then you can The use of the machine in the use of the process to pay attention to the inspection of the oil filling parts of the oil injection situation, the material should also pay attention to observe the material into the material, only in the normal operation of these components to ensure the normal use of the machine, if the Operation, the machine appears abnormal circumstances.To make timely remedial, or stop the use of the machine in the course of the equipment can not be used overrun, otherwise it is likely to cause damage to the machine inside the stop using the device, We must always on the V-type mixer dust and debris clean up, making the machine can be kept clean.For the parts on the equipment, it is necessary to always detect the situation is loose, for the abnormal parts, to timely the reinforcement and replacement.

I believe we are often used in this industry is often used cold rolling mill equipment is not very strange, and people are more aware of its use of performance and use, but for its operation is not very understanding, but it does not matter , The staff of us today to come here for you to detail about the content.First of all, the equipment must be trained by the staff to be on the machine operation, prohibit the use of non-operating personnel.Second, we also use before Need to check the start of the device power is normal, only in the case of certain circumstances can be put into production operation.Also geotextile manufacturers in this also and we say is that when the machine in the course of the operation of a fault problem, so we have to stop in time to run, and cut off the power supply device, wait until after the maintenance in order to continue to use, not only that, they also will have to take the garbage around the device clean, and keep the device dry the job.