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Cold Rolling Mill With Sufficient Strength And Stiffness
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Usually, when the cold rolling mill completes the work task, we also need to follow the required operational requirements for downtime. Not only in a certain order to close processing, but also need to carry out the rehabilitation work, for the next work ready. So, for the user, about the cold rolling mill after the work is completed, what exactly should be noticed?

First, when the task is finished, we need to shut down the device first. However, in the shutdown time, there are sequential requirements. We need to turn off the cold rolling mill according to the requirements, starting from the high-pressure system, followed by low pressure system, fume system, rolling oil system and DC drive. In this process, it is also necessary to note that the filter work also needs to be stopped.

We know that in the use of cold rolling mill metal, because in the process of processing there will be a lot of force, so long after the use, may form a certain deformation. To address this problem, let's look at how experts respond.

To answer this question, we also need to consider in terms of its structure and design. In order to ensure the performance of the cold rolling mill, we need to take this problem into consideration when we design, so it involves the rigidity coefficient.

In order to ensure that the rigidity coefficient meets the requirements, we also need to analyze the main characteristics of the cold rolling mill at work. Bearing in mind the important role of supporting rollers, we understand that the roller bearings in the working period, the workload is relatively large and will continue to produce changes, so the friction coefficient of the bearings must be small enough, at the same time have sufficient strength and stiffness. Therefore, the appropriate roller bearings should be selected.

In addition to the above work, after the cold rolling mill, and so on, we also need to clean up the working environment, the remaining materials placed in the specified position, this is also for the next production work is ready. 、

In the actual production, the correct operation of the equipment can not only guarantee the smooth work, but also the maintenance and service life of the equipment is very important. So, how to operate the cold rolling mill? What should be paid attention to when purchasing? Now let's look at the answer to the question.

First, the correct use of cold rolling machine method:

1, in the cold rolling operation, should pay attention to two aspects of the problem, one is the temperature, the second is the amount of pressure. If any of these two factors can make the deformation resistance of the equipment increase, it is likely to cause the roll of the cold rolling mill to break on the working roll of the hole type.

2, in the operation, must do a good job in all aspects of the preparation, to ensure the correct after the operation. Otherwise it may be because of operational problems or the rolling parts into the small size of the air inside and cause the cold rolling mill roll in the roller and the contact point of the roll.

3, finally, in order to prevent fatigue fracture phenomenon, must pay attention to ensure that the roller wear is very uniform, so as to reduce the uneven cooling effect on the roll, because if the roller wear uneven, the roller is affected by uneven cooling, will lead to local defects and gradually expand, and eventually occur fatigue fracture phenomenon.

The method of choosing the cold rolling mill correctly:

1, consider the actual financial situation: the Ancients cloud "know the Enemy", "battles", we must first understand the actual financial situation, and then understand the price of various models of cold rolling machine equipment, so that they set a selection criteria, and then choose the most appropriate one of the equipment.

2, the actual production needs: according to the planning of the daily output is how much, and with this standard requirements to delimit a selection range, from which to meet their own production needs of cold rolling machine equipment.

3, Processing products demand: the need for production and processing of product specifications, models,