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Hot Rolling Mill Get Better Deformation Ability
- Jul 03, 2017 -

1 Hot Rolling Mill magnesium plate Hot Rolling Mill technology difficult

There are many factors that lead to the production of magnesium plate, but the most important is the sliding slip of magnesium, room temperature plastic deformation is poor, only the temperature rose to 220 ℃ above, the magnesium plate to get better deformation capacity. Magnesium plate rolling process is easy to produce cracks, the product exists anisotropy, low production efficiency, low yield. Magnesium plate Hot Rolling Mill technology is as follows:

(1) The crystal structure of magnesium is in six rows, and the mechanical properties show significant anisotropy. At room temperature, there are only three slip surfaces (base, pyramid, prism) and a slip direction. High resistance, so the magnesium plate rolling deformation is difficult;

(2) magnesium in the normal temperature or wet state and easy to air and water vapor chemical reaction, especially when the temperature exceeds 400 ℃ and oxygen reaction is intense, the oxide film into porous, thick and rapid growth to the inside of the matrix;

(3) magnesium plate rolling temperature requirements and strict temperature range, metal temperature drop fast, strain resistance, hardening significantly. In addition, if the pass pressing rate during rolling is too large or the rolling speed is too high, not only the hot-rolled billet is bite difficult, but also the rolling cracking is likely to occur, the surface quality of the product is poor, and the billet and the roll are bonded The

Due to the above problems, it is required that the Hot Rolling Mill process and the rolling equipment of the magnesium plate must be specially developed and designed for their processing characteristics.

2 domestic magnesium plate Hot Rolling Mill mill configuration characteristics

Domestic magnesium plate production enterprises are not large, scattered layout, the overall strength of enterprises is not strong, some large state-owned enterprises for the production of magnesium plate to auxiliary processing mainly. In the production process equipment, most of the use of steel, aluminum, copper or titanium plate rolling equipment, or some "two turn" mill, and even sixties design and manufacture of endangered equipment, and specialized magnesium plate production equipment less. Hot Rolling Mill production process of straightening, cutting and other finishing processes are mostly off-line.

Before 2000, the domestic only in the aluminum-aluminum-aluminum-magnesium plate with a factory for the production of magnesium plate rolling, the hot-rolled production line production capacity of about 300t / a, but because the market demand is not high, so its actual The annual output is only tens of tons, the products are mainly used for military industry.

Up to now, in addition to aluminum and copper in the aluminum-magnesium plate with the factory, the domestic use of steel, titanium, copper and aluminum and other processing equipment supporting the hot-rolled magnesium board nearly 10 enterprises, the total production capacity of more than 15,000 t / a , The actual Hot Rolling Mill production is 500 ~ 700t / a.

The main products are mainly used in the field of aerospace and military equipment (such as the United States and Russia to hot-rolled open), the main products used in the field of aerospace and military equipment (such as the United States and Russia to hot-rolled open Blank production of magnesium alloy sheet are used for military production). Compared to the domestic magnesium board in the aerospace,Hot Rolling Mill military equipment mainly in the field of missile and rocket instrument panel bulkhead, ribs and partitions, missiles and aircraft tail, fighter fuel tank and liner and other simple, non-mechanical or Sub-bearing of the structural parts, foreign large, complex, bearing and other structural parts also began to use the magnesium plate.

Magnesium alloy ingot heating parameters according to the corresponding alloy high temperature plasticity diagram to determine the general alloy, such as AZ31B heating temperature of 450 ~ 490 ℃. Some special alloys such as ZK61M due to high zinc content, alloy high temperature tensile strength is low, poor plasticity, and because of the alloy rolling heat effect is large, high temperature rolling deformation heat can make the billet temperature exceeds the plastic temperature of the alloy And the thermoplasticity of the alloy is lowered, and the heating temperature determined according to the plasticity is 410 ° C. At the same time,Hot Rolling Mill it must be noted that the high micro-alloying of magnesium alloy is not suitable for Hot Rolling Mill, mainly because the two-phase particles will further exacerbate its Hot Rolling Mill cracking, such as Al content of more than 5% magnesium alloy AZ91D and so on is not suitable for heat Rolling production.