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Hot Rolling Mill Improved Performance And Quality
- Oct 10, 2017 -

On the premise of continuous improvement of Hot Rolling Mill technology, the performance and quality of hot rolled sheet are also continuously improved, and in order to meet the market demand better, Hot Rolling Mill mill has become one of the necessary equipments in the process of sheet production. It can improve the flatness, surface quality, geometrical dimensions and mechanical properties of hot rolled sheet.

From the existing hot-rolled flat units, the flatness and mechanical properties have been improved, but the surface quality and residual stress of the products are still deficient, especially in the hot strip area of high strength grade.

Not only that, the dust pollution and the oxidation of iron sheet and dust together caused by the high loss of the Hot Rolling Mill mill, not only increased the cost of production enterprises, but also caused environmental pollution and the health of operators. Although most of the Hot Rolling Mill mill units are equipped with dust removal system, but because the matching degree is not high, the effect is poor.

In view of the above problems, the research and development of multifunctional high quality Hot Rolling Mill mill, which is to add the process section of oxidized iron sheet and residual stress treatment process in the original Hot Rolling Mill mill, make the product quality of the hot-rolled flat set be further improved, and the high quality target of the product is realized.

At the same time, it can also make the roller, straightening roller, as well as the units of the important parts of the consumption further reduced, to achieve low-cost production, and reduce the operator's health damage, environmental pollution, effective for enterprises to increase market competitiveness.

In this multi-functional high quality Hot Rolling Mill mill, by setting reasonable rolling procedure, distributing the tension of leveller and peace machine, under the action of unit tension and rolling force of temper mill, the pores in hot-rolled plate can be bridged, dispersed shrinkage cavity compaction, increasing the density of the material.

But at the same time, we should pay attention to the performance of uniform strip, so as to reduce the performance difference of transverse, longitudinal and 45° direction, and improve the mechanical properties of strip. In addition, the leveling unit is the dry flat mode for the smooth processing, there is a greater friction between the working rolls of the strip, so as to increase the shearing deformation of the surface grains of the strip, refine the surface grain of the strip, and further improve the surface mechanical properties of the hot rolled plate.