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Hot Rolling Mill Length, Width, Thickness And Other Requirements
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Hot rolling mill is also one of the typical products in the rolling mill industry. Corresponding to the cold rolling mill, this kind of equipment is designed for the hot rolling process. Therefore, whether it is the size of the equipment, the composition form or the classification Way, the common goal is to be able to produce high-quality hot-rolled products.

           1, the definition of hot rolling and hot rolling mill

       The so-called hot rolling is a rolling process above the recrystallization temperature, and the hot rolling mill is the main equipment for this process.

           2, the size of hot rolling mill specifications

       There are many different sizes of hot rolling mills, which are due to the need to be hot-rolled steel plate also has many different sizes, steel plate length, width, thickness and other requirements are different, with the hot rolling mill models should also be different of.

      At the present technical level, the hot rolling mill can roll out any size steel plate of any size, length of 100 mm or 50 mm in width at a width of 50 mm or 10 mm. But the thickness has made some provisions, if the thickness does not exceed 4mm, then the length should be greater than 1.2m; if the thickness of more than 4mm, then the length of not less than 2m. According to the requirements, the thickness of less than 30mm steel plate, the thickness interval can be 0.5mm.

          3, hot rolling mill supporting products

      The hot rolling mill is usually composed of rough rolling mill and finishing mill, in which the rough rolling mill is divided into semi-continuous type, 3/4 continuous type and continuous type three kinds, each rough rolling mill layout parts are different.

      If the length of the roll roll is different, the hot rolling mill can be divided into a wide strip mill and a 1700 mm strip hot rolling mill for the production of coils of different sizes.