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Hot Rolling Mill Mechanical Properties Of The Product
- May 31, 2017 -

Magnesium alloy sheet and strip at home and abroad to become scientific research institutions and production enterprises development, development and industrial production of hot spots. The magnesium plate hot rolling mill is mainly used for the rolling of the magnesium alloy ingot and the finished rolling of the plate product, so the unit configuration and installed level play a very important role in the quality of the product. Through the introduction and analysis of the application status, unit composition, process characteristics and equipment parameters of magnesium plate hot rolling mill at home and abroad, the design selection and unit configuration of special hot rolling mill are analyzed according to the demand of hot rolling process of magnesium plate And recommendations.

The role of magnesium plate hot rolling mill is mainly for the production process requirements for magnesium alloy ingot hot rolled billet and plate rolling, and then produce a qualified intermediate slab and the final finished sheet. The design concept of the hot rolling mill, the configuration of the unit parts, the control precision and so on directly determine the mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances and surface quality of the magnesium plate products.

The hot rolling process and control of magnesium plate are the most difficult in conventional metal materials. The design and calculation of equipment such as production process and hot rolling mill can not be used for the calculation of rolling steel, rolling copper and rolled aluminum (different types of metal crystals). Therefore, it is very important to design a hot rolling mill by analyzing the hot rolling process of the magnesium plate and then aiming at it.

1, magnesium plate hot rolling technology difficult

There are many factors that lead to the difficulty of production of magnesium plate, but the most important is the sliding slip of magnesium, the plastic deformation ability at room temperature is poor, only the temperature rises above 220 ℃, the magnesium plate can get better deformation ability. Magnesium plate rolling process is easy to produce cracks, the product exists anisotropy, low production efficiency, low yield. Magnesium plate hot rolling technology is as follows:

(1) The crystal structure of magnesium is packed in hexagonal, and the mechanical properties show significant anisotropy. At room temperature, there are only three slip surfaces (base, pyramid, prism) and a slip direction. High resistance, so the magnesium plate rolling deformation is difficult;

(2) magnesium in the normal temperature or wet state and easy to air and water vapor chemical reaction, especially when the temperature exceeds 400 ℃ and oxygen reaction is intense, the oxide film into porous, thick and rapid growth to the inside of the matrix;

(3) magnesium plate rolling temperature requirements and strict temperature range, metal temperature drop fast, strain resistance, processing hardening significantly. In addition, if the pass pressing rate during rolling is too large or the rolling speed is too high, not only the hot-rolled billet is bite difficult, but also the rolling cracking is likely to occur, the surface quality of the product is poor, and the billet and the roll are bonded The

Due to the above problems, it is required that the hot rolling process and the rolling equipment of the magnesium plate must be specially developed and designed for their processing characteristics.