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Hot Rolling Mill Metal Temperature Drop Fast, Strain Resistance
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Hot Rolling Mill The role of magnesium plate hot rolling mill is mainly for the production process requirements for magnesium alloy ingot hot rolled billet and plate rolling, and then produce a qualified intermediate slab and the final finished sheet. The design concept of the hot rolling mill, the configuration of the unit parts, the control precision and so on directly determine the mechanical properties,Hot Rolling Mill dimensional tolerances and surface quality of the magnesium plate products.

The hot rolling process and control of the magnesium plate are the most difficult in the conventional structure of metal materials. The design calculation of the equipment and the hot rolling mill can not be used to calculate the rolling metal, rolling copper and rolling aluminum (different types of metal crystals). Therefore, it is very important to design the hot rolling mill by analyzing the hot rolling process of the magnesium plate.

There are many factors that lead to the production of magnesium plate, but the most important is the sliding slip of magnesium, room temperature plastic deformation is poor, only the temperature rose to 220 ℃ above, the magnesium plate to get better deformation capacity. Magnesium plate rolling process is easy to produce cracks, the product exists anisotropy, low production efficiency, low yield. Magnesium plate hot rolling technology difficulties include: magnesium crystal structure for the six rows of closed,Hot Rolling Mill mechanical properties show significant anisotropy, at room temperature only three slip surface (base, pyramid, prism surface) and a slip Direction, the process of deformation resistance is high, so the magnesium plate rolling deformation is difficult; magnesium at room temperature or wet conditions and easy to air and water vapor chemical reaction, especially when the temperature exceeds 400 ℃ and oxygen reaction is intense, its oxidation The film becomes porous and thicker and grows rapidly into the inside of the matrix. The rolling temperature of the magnesium plate is strict and the temperature range is narrow, the metal temperature drops fast, the strain resistance is large, and the work hardening is remarkable. In addition,Hot Rolling Mill if the pass pressing rate during rolling is too large or the rolling speed is too high, not only the hot-rolled billet is difficult to bite, but also the rolling cracking is likely to occur, the surface quality of the product is poor, and the billet and the roll are bonded The

Due to the above problems, it is required that the hot rolling process and the rolling equipment of the magnesium plate must be specially developed and designed for their processing characteristics.

Domestic magnesium plate production enterprises are not large, scattered layout, the overall strength of enterprises is not strong, some large state-owned enterprises for the production of magnesium plate to auxiliary processing mainly. In the production process equipment, most of the use of steel, aluminum, copper or titanium plate rolling equipment, or some "two turn" mill, and even 60 years of design and manufacture of endangered equipment, and specialized magnesium plate production equipment less. Hot rolling production process of straightening, cutting and other finishing processes are mostly off-line.

Before 2000, the domestic only aluminum-aluminum-aluminum-magnesium plate with a factory production of magnesium plate rolling, the hot-rolled production line production capacity of about 300 tons / year, but because of the market demand is not high, so its The actual annual output of only tens of tons, the products are mainly used for military industry.

Up to now, in addition to the aluminum in the copper-aluminum-magnesium plate with the factory, the domestic use of steel, titanium, copper and aluminum and other processing equipment supporting the hot-rolled magnesium plate nearly 10 enterprises, the total production capacity of more than 15,000 tons / year ,Hot Rolling Mill The actual hot rolling production of 500 to 700 tons / year.

Domestic production enterprises used hot-rolled magnesium plate used in the rolling mill and configuration features are as follows:

1. Aluminum in the aluminum: 1600mm double hot rolling mill, the old mill. 1600mm double hot rolling mill mainly consists of main frame, vertical rolling mill, rack roller, intermediate roller, rotary table, guide, transport roller, double roller equipment and other components, the largest ingot ingot thickness 200mm, hot rolling finished sheet minimum thickness 6mm, work roll diameter Φ750mm, the maximum rolling force 12000kN, the maximum rolling speed 180m / min;

2. Baoji Titanium: 3300mm two-roll hot rolling mill, mainly for titanium plate hot rolling, auxiliary production of magnesium plate, the maximum rolling force 44000kN (the hot rolling process of the largest actual rolling force of about 10000kN);

3. Western material: 2800mm four-high rolling mill, mainly for titanium, steel plate hot-rolled, auxiliary production of magnesium plate. 2800mm four-roll hot rolling mill mainly by the main frame, vertical roller, transport roller, guide ruler, 11 roll hot straightening machine, hydraulic shear,Hot Rolling Mill online furnace and other components, the maximum thickness of 380mm, hot-rolled finished sheet Minimum thickness of 4mm, the maximum rolling force of 50000kN;

4. Yingkou Galaxy: 1725mm four-high hot rolling mill, the original design for steel rolling, designed after the transformation of professional for the magnesium plate hot-rolled and industrial production. 1725mm four-roll hot rolling mill mainly consists of main frame, transport roller table, on-line intermediate frequency furnace and heating furnace, rotary table, centering ruler, hydraulic shear and other components, the maximum thickness of ingot ingot 350mm, hot-rolled finished sheet minimum Thickness of 5mm,Hot Rolling Mill work roll diameter Φ800mm, support roller diameter Φ1500mm, the maximum rolling force of 30000kN, the maximum rolling speed of 120m / min;

5. Chongqing Aobo: 1500mm four-high hot rolling mill, mainly for aluminum plate hot rolling, auxiliary production of magnesium plate;

6. In the color technology: 1600mm four-high hot rolling mill, the original design for the copper, aluminum, magnesium, titanium industrial processing equipment, designed after the transformation of professional for the magnesium plate hot-rolled. 1600mm four-roll hot rolling mill mainly by the main frame, transport roller, rack roller, online heating furnace, transfer roller table, the middle guide ruler,Hot Rolling Mill online hot straightening machine, hydraulic cutting, finished cut, Cutting and other parts of the composition, the maximum thickness of incoming ingot 320mm, finished sheet minimum thickness of 4mm, the work roll diameter Φ550mm, support roll diameter Φ900mm, the maximum rolling force 20000kN, the maximum rolling speed 180m / min;