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Hot Rolling Mill Start The Speed Must Be Controlled
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Hot rolling mill, which is the same as the cold rolling mill, are more common in a rolling mill. Moreover, to the article update time, and that thing is not late, to make good use of the hot rolling mill to understand the work, which can be to enhance the familiarity of all of us, and from which to gain and know more, in their learning on the road

 It is certainly necessary, and do not do so, then the roll is likely to be off the roll problem. Its progress, generally through the thick plate to achieve. And, when the preheat for some time, the roll will be stable at a certain temperature, specifically about 60 degrees, so it can.

1. Hot rolling mill control parameters

For the control parameters of the equipment requirements, mainly in the vertical tolerance and lateral deviation of the two. Specifically, it is the longitudinal tolerance should be 0.15-0.2mm this range, the lateral deviation should be within 0.15mm.

2. The work roll and the support roller are scratched on the hot rolling mill

In general, in the hot rolling mill in the phenomenon of this phenomenon, the reason may be the roll surface is not clean, there are debris or adhesives, such as scale and so on. It is also possible that the operating part of some devices or the like is normal, or the bearing problem is not in place during the installation adjustment, and further, there is a relative friction between the rolls. So, for these possible reasons, we need to be investigated and resolved one by one, is not sloppy.

When the hot rolling mill is running, the starting speed must be controlled because it has a very important effect on the efficient efficiency of the entire mill. Do not want to see is the hot rolling mill in the accurate operation of the start speed is slow, not only affects the efficiency, but also lead to blank or rolling between the roller and the force can not achieve a good state.

The hot rolling mill starts slowly, indicating that it has a significant lack of performance, if the machine boot speed is not effectively improved, then the blank or rolling the production efficiency will be lower and lower. If you can not quickly overload start, it will produce a larger blank rolling speed is too slow.

 In order to reduce the occurrence of similar phenomena, the hot rolling mill before running, it should first its motor power, rolling speed, product specifications, hole technology to check to ensure that the blank load will not exceed the affordability of the equipment, otherwise it will Causing the device to start slowing down the situation.

Second, but also on the hot rolling mill bearings to check to see if its lubrication is good, if the lubrication is not enough, then the hot rolling mill air speed will slow down, triggering a series of adverse consequences. If these two aspects of no problem, then the basic hot rolling mill can start normally.

In addition to the slow start of the hot rolling mill, the output of the finished product sometimes there will be a deviation, there are many reasons for this consequences, even if the same set of hot rolling mill product size will be uneven. But it also shows that either the roll gap is unreasonable, or the hole type process is not correct.

In order to reduce the deviation of the hot mill product size, you must strictly abide by the product rolling process, especially on the bar on-line adjuster requirements based on the standard, negative deviation rolling within the standard range.