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Introduction Of Cold Rolling Mill Equipment
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Because the plate type, the thickness of different, there will be a variety of cold rolling mill. It is a lot of models, there are many different functions. Generally in the design, it is divided into working base, the main drive system two parts. Parts in the installation of the time, should be a good connection to ensure the stability of the connection.When the rotation, you need to choose the appropriate steering, speed, mainly rely on the drive and control to achieve the general, its capacity and volume is relatively large, Can be selected AC motor, according to the production process. Cold roll is its very important parts, there are several components, in the work play a very important function. After the power of the drive, you can achieve specific work. In the process of cold rolling mill operation, the surface can carry a lot of pressure, uniform hardness. It has a certain depth, excellent crack resistance. Its larger diameter, the greater the possibility of hardening layer. , Need some pressure to achieve the force of the transmission.