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Knowledge Of Cold Rolling Mill Structure
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Many people in the use of this cold rolling mill equipment often encounter a lot of fault problems, the main part of the reason or because the operator for some of its basic knowledge is not enough understanding because in order to ensure that we use the equipment safely, then we work Personnel in this come to introduce you to its structural aspects.First of all, this cold rolling mill by the motor there are gear coupling and reducer and other devices together, and in the motor device is mainly to adjust the whole The upper and lower roll position of the transmission mechanism, so as to ensure that a given pressure can be rolled out of qualified products.Second, and like a balanced device is also very important, it is mainly to avoid the rolling out of the roll when the impact force will occur, So the designer in the frame on the window will be equipped with hydraulic balance device. In addition to second-hand sub-machine production company responsible person in this also and we say is that the equipment in the roller device is mainly to prevent the equipment Movement during the stuck, so as to ensure its normal operation.