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Operation Guide For Cold Rolling Mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

I do not know if you have seen in the industrial production industry has been the installation and use of cold rolling mill, and whether it knows what the specific operating procedures are, so then we staff here to give you a brief description of the situation. First of all, the equipment must be used by the professional technical staff to operate, prohibit non-operator on the machine to touch, so as not to accidentally hurt everyone.Second, the use of equipment, the staff also need to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment work , Only to determine the electrical equipment room is normal to start the boot.In addition, when the machine is running, if there are any abnormal phenomena or failure problems, then we must first cut off the power, and then check the equipment. Belt filter press equipment manufacturers in this also say that when people use the equipment, we also do not forget to open the electric box or switch to open, everything must be well preserved to get off work, And also regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.