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Plate - Type Representation Of Cold Rolling Mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

I believe we have seen in many industrial manufacturing industry, this cold rolling mill equipment installation and use it, then we also know that the equipment in the processing of the plate when the version of which there are ways to express it, and then First of all, the plate is generally refers to the flatness of the strip material, and plate type is also depends on whether the strip along the width of the extension of the extension is equal, and the This condition is determined by the uniformity of the thickness of the blank before the rolling and the actual sewing of the roll type.Secondly, the plate type sometimes refers to the wave of the strip in the longitudinal direction and the waves on both sides And the single side waves and the middle of the waves, etc., and the plate-shaped defects are also caused by the vertical extension of the uneven caused by another Shengyang battery manufacturers in this also and we say that, in general, the plate type representation There is a difference between the degree of horizontal to reflect, so its quality is good or bad and this is related.