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Routine Maintenance And Maintenance Of Strip Cold Rolling Mill
- Feb 18, 2017 -

Strip cold rolling mill in daily work should be based on their own needs to do maintenance and maintenance. Maintenance and maintenance of the role of machinery and equipment, we should be very clear in the daily work before, should be promptly boot check to see its electrical Whether the system is in the normal state.In addition, it should also check the oil level of each tank is normal, if not normal, then the timely treatment of each oil level in the right place, there are certain provisions, otherwise it affects the normal work. The base material feed should be reasonable performance, we do a good job check. Check well before you can start work. Sheng Yang battery manufacturers to tell you that part of the electrical should be regularly clean up impurities, so you can ensure excellent performance. The need for regular tightening to ensure that the rationality of the production process, can not be overrun to avoid any damage.It should have its own standards to ensure safe use of the operation, we must pay attention to safety.