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- Feb 18, 2017 -

The technology uses punch and die to produce the desired product shape, the domestic stainless steel stamping production is common in the production of stainless steel kitchen utensils, stainless steel pot, basin need deep stamping, kitchen handle handle also need to stamping bending, shoot flat. Punch can be mechanical transmission, it can be hydraulic transmission, but the deepest when the best hydraulic transmission, because the full length of the stroke on the hydraulic press can provide full load pressure.

Most of the traditional technology can be used for stamping molding of stainless steel, but because the required strength of stamping stainless steel than the power required to punch low carbon steel more than 60%, so the punch frame should be able to withstand such a large impact force. Moreover, to solve the problem of scratches is also critical, especially when the high friction when the stainless steel and high temperature caused by the workpiece surface scratches. Commonly used soap or emulsion effect is not good, should use special stamping lubricants or lubricants containing special high pressure additives, but because of this special high pressure additives will cause corrosion of stainless steel surface, so after the punching out the workpiece The surface of the oil traces.

As the stamping die processing costs are high, only in the mass production when the use of stamping molding technology.