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hot rolled steel

  • 2 Rollers Hot Rolling Units

    2 Rollers Hot Rolling Units2 rollers hot rolling mill 2 rollers hot rolling mill can be used for rolling aluminum, brass, red copper, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Titanium and other metals. The rolling temperature could be set difference according to different materials. And the speed can also be adjusted based on the...Read More

  • Metal Hot Rolling Mill Process Manufacturers

    Metal Hot Rolling Mill Process ManufacturersRolling mill process of rolling and cold rolling two steps, the process is: First, hot-rolling process: From the steel mill Billet is still only semi-finished products, must go to the rolling mill after the rolling, to become eligible product. The continuous casting billet from the steelmaking...Read More

  • 2 Rollers Hot Reversing Rolling Mills

    2 Rollers Hot Reversing Rolling Mills2-rollers reversing hot rolling machine Except 2-rollers one-way hot rolling mills, we still can produce reversing hot rolling machines with 2 rollers. Certainly, their superiorities are also higher-productivity and easier-operation.Read More